Late Night Frost Bite Recap

So we raised a bunch of money for TKBMA, the race was kick ass, and it all went down on a 45 degree night... not so much frost bite, but people showed up at the finish (Affinity) with t shirts on! The after party went til 5am and finished with Prolly almost knocking himself out with the bunny hop of death, he then got ran over 5 minutes later by some drunk polish guys in a car. Fortunately Prolly was fine and over all it was a great night and a much needed race in the city. Thanks to all the sponsors for giving a ton of great prizes, and to the Bushwick Country Club for hosting the after party. Here's Jason R's manifest, he was the over all winner, Kennedy was the first finisher. My buddy Tak took some great photos of the event as usual, here's a few from his flickr page and sure to check out his blog here.

Thanks again for a great race!