Jason Yims Lo Pro

Check out Jason Yims Lo Pro on Prolly's blog, its a really nice build. Jason's one of the Macaframa guys, they've all got a ton style and their videos are ill.! Head over to Prolly's blog for non stop track and bike lifestyle coverage, also drop by the Macaframa website to check out Jason and the rest of the Macaframa crew in effect! Jason's Lo Pro was also just featured in a photo/Illustration project by Mike Giant, which captures pictures of girls posing with bikes from SF. Mike then digitally renders his tattoo style illustrations on the girls. As a retoucher myself, I must say that they look pretty realistic. Pretty rad shit. Alex posted the pic on our blog a few weeks ago, and I've seen the images all over the web. I think its originally posted at The Skullz Press Blog. Thanks for the support Jason, the bike looks fresh.