My birthday gift to you 2010 is..... MEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Today is my birthday. No joke. You can look on my Facebook. At 31, I am fully full-on a thirtysomething. I think you need to be at least thirty to remember Thirtysomething. Now that I am, in now way, shape, or form a child at all, in any fashion, I have to grow up. I'll start tomorrow, today's my birfday. Aside from watching Ichi the Killer on Netflix the extent my plans for annual celebration are getting drunk and writing this post to let you that I have returned from T.V. Land (webisode world?) to the land of the free. Free from under the thumb of contract to write on the internet that is. Yes, my, albeit short, tenure in the the limousines and VIP rooms of Hollywood Carson/Torrance/Redondo Beach is over. No, I cant talk about it. Contract. Go watch the show. Anywho, I am back here at the good ol' Affinity blog, like I never left, even though I live in Oakland now. Until another contract takes me away, I will be talking bikes, track racing, growing up, heavy metal and lifting weights or some combination therein. Give ya'll some left coast flavor for 2010. Tonight I am getting drunk in SF. Peace.