Reporting live from W-Base TV

Its the official launch of the New XS Lo Pro frame! I've been in tokyo since last friday, chilling with Yohei, Moto, Kiyooo and the rest of the W-Base crew... and the tons of great friends i've made during my stay. It's been such a sick trip, i'm catching a flight in the morning. 13 hours, finally I can get some sleep! Check out the pics, the new Lo Pro frames including the XS size will be available at Affinity within two weeks and to dealers within a month. Pearl white gloss and matte black are the new colors. call or email the shop for info!




The new XS 49cm double 650 Lo Pro frame. No toe over lap with 165 cranks, front brake hole and rear brake bridge.


Yohei and Kiyo in Dienasty!


Serious Tokyo style!


Had to put in at least one picture of your typical  japanese girl.!


No explanation needed.


I had the great opportunity to meet a very respectable old school Keirin racer Tomity when I visited Mr. Tanabe at Kalavinka. Tomity had many great stories to tell and is very respected by the messengers in Tokyo. He was just picking up his new frame after a bad crash. Even Tomity had to wait six months for his frame!


V - 211 stand for the number of victories Tomity has had in his career. Only the very close friends of Mr. Tanabe can get custom work like that!


It was a very cool visit with Mr. Tanabe. Sino was chilling earlier at W-Base and was also going to see Mr. Tanabe that same day, he insisted on riding despite his two broken legs from a bad crash. Sino was ordering his new frame, he only rides Kalavinka. Thank you Sada for the great pic!


Even Mr. Tanabe understands where the future's going. Sino was working Tanabe for this one, quite successfully to.


You can't do Japan without going to a Keirin race. definitely sit in the shitty seats up in the front. The view may not be as good but its way more entertaining! It was so great, drunk old guys screaming at the racers so drunk even my japanese friends couldn't understand!!


W-Base crew, Tokyo's finest messengers and the fine gentlemen organizing CMWC 2009.