"The Wild Bunch" Article in the NY Times

Check out the Sunday NY Times (03/08/2009) "The City" section or online at nytimes.com Our boy Tone was captured while messengering in the city this week on his Affinity Lo Pro track frame! The article touches upon life as a cyclist in the city, and the various aspects of bicycle advocacy, all while moderately jabbing at the "track bike culture", "really cool bikers" (aka messengers and hipsters) and the "tour de france type guys" commenting about their fast, wild and often out of control behavior. Its wraps up with a top 10 list of rules which cyclists should obey to make the streets safer. Check out the article and decide for your self. The article has gotten a ton of intertest as its already got over 315 comments online. Big up to Tone on his Affinity, with a Mishka Tech Jacket to!