Virus keeps the sleep at bay.

So this audition tape is making the rounds like hpv in the co-ed dorms. Bikesnob, the last to hop on the hip, put the views over 3 grand. That's a lot of people that know me that I don't know. The email mail box is getting some interesting emails from some randoms, as is the Facebook friend reqs. I am sorry, but I have a policy against friending people I don't know in the flesh. I do Twitter like a mother lover.

I have to give love to Trudy, Prolly, Mike M.Mike G., Hong Kong Fixed and a bunch of others for helping me catch the eye of the interweb.

In other news: my messenger friend Randall from Zurich is here and on my couch. My roomies came home at 6 am or so and were all kinds of drunk/loud. I had to carry one out of my bed into hers honeymoon style. As I drifted back to slumberland I heard "Fuck you Alex!" coming from downstairs. I poked my head out the window and had a short convo with my friends Aden and Joel as they were leaving the bar (I live right above a bar, right above a bar). This is at 7 o'clock in the goddamn. At 8 am Randall called me to get let back in the apt. He got locked out taking the dog for a walk. Who needs sleep?

Today at CrossFit I did a squat clean pr of 200#!  Tall socks+weightlifting shoes=SPORTS DORK!

200# PR Squat Clean from Mario Ferrari on Vimeo.