Podcast worth listening to.

In that BSNYC post wherein he discuses me and my audition tape, there is also a link to an audio podcast from the Bike Show that has a bunch of good stuff: 1. British Cycling's Performance Director discusses (in front of Parliament) the mental profile of the athletes in the Olympics and how they used a criminal profiler to get a huge medal haul.

2. The Host of the Bike Show asks dual sport phenom (track and BMX), Shanaze Reade, if Fixie Trixies should get an Olympic berth. She's confesses that she's a little out of the loop. Of all people involved with Oly's you'd think she would have the most to gain from freestyle track being an Olympic sport.

3. BSNYC's voice is revealed, giving us one more clue to his identity.

4. BSNYC advocates "lifestyle cycling." I can get behind that. He also gives respect to the bike messengers and food devlivery guys/girls for riding in the worst conditions that NYC has to offer.

You should have a listen.