Party Time

So 2009 is upon and us, i'm not sure what the future holds, but how about more riding and racing and less drinking and partying....?, ha seriously!?-how about all of the above?

If only ya'll knew how wild we get here at affinity when no one is looking. No worries i'll expose madd shenanigans, madd antics, madd funny business, , madd mischievousness, madd naughtiness, and all that shit!...! Who knows, maybe ill post a flick or 2 of John John running around naked somewhere. Get ready i'm making moves and i'm dragging affinity  down with me. I hope they got insurance! Here's hoping somewhere in between we actually get to ride a little. I'm sure we will.

P.S, here's a sneak peak at my new ride, lets see if it can take a pounding. Specs soon!