Mishka Gallery Opening

3250387823_31740f20c6 Saturday night marks the New York arrival of Popsoda’s 6th Anniversary Special: Many Many Many Mey – Dynamite Custom Show presented by Fig Lab and ourselves. The show is a collection of over 40 artist customized figures from all over the world, featuring the work our good friend L’amour Supreme as well as our own creation.

Kaiju nuts, Mishka fans and toy aficionados alike are invited to come view the collection this Saturday – February 7th – from 7pm to 10pm at our 350 Broadway space in Brooklyn. A limited number of GID finger puppets and full-size Many Mey GID blanks will be on sale, as well as the show’s commemorative tee by MCA for Mishka.

The traveling show is here for a limited time and then departs to Osaka, so make sure to come check it out while you can. And oh did I forget to mention that there will be all sorts of  hush-hush exclusive surprises at the event? I guess I just did!

Take the J train to Marcy or the G train to Broadway! See you there.