Outlier 4 Season Pants Now in Stock

Our good friends Abe and Tyler from Outlier Clothing have hooked us up with a grip of their new 4 Season pants. We've been rocking ours in all different types of conditions for the past couple of weeks and they are arguably the best pair of pants we've ever had. Water resistant, breathable, a bit of stretch and a versatile cut and style that transitions from the bike to the boardroom effortlessly. But enough from us, here's the skinny straight from Outlier:

"The perfect pair pants for life on and off the bike. They stretch, breathe and are abrasion resistant for comfort in motion. Self cleaning, water and grease resistant to handle the elements. Tailored in New York City for style and quality.

Our goal has always been to make future classics, clothes that work as well yesterday as they will in a few years. Only time will tell if we succeeded but we certainly think we are on the right track.

Made in New York City with Schoeller Dryskin Extreme fabrics, these pants are designed for the ultimate in versatility, both socially and technologically. This is the best technical fabric around, you'll stay cool and dry no matter how hard you ride. The Lotus or Nanosphere coating is "self cleaning" (that's the technical term no lie.) The surface is coated in nanoscopic spikes that prevent grease and stain molecules from bonding to the fabric. Water just rolls off, taking with it any dirt that might remain.

It's water resistant and quick drying, so no worries if the sky turns against you. As a softshell it will eventually saturate in the craziest storms, but get indoors and you'll find yourself dry in 10-20 minutes. Light rain? Forget it, that stuff just rolls right off, just like the coffee or red wine you might have spilled upon it.

You could call this cut a true medium. It stretches as you ride, but drapes beautifully off the bike. You could rock it with a sport coat and oxfords or a hoodie with sneakers. More importantly you can wear it without thinking, wear it like a second skin, wear it like a classic that works in any occasion.

Sizing wise, these should fit similar at the waist to a Levis 501 jean of the same size. Because they stretch some people like to size down one size to get a slightly slimmer profile. The inseams on our pants are a minimum of 34" and like most high end pants are designed to hemmed to length by you."

$180 and in stock now @ Affinity Cycles!